Message of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait on the occasion of Digital Printing, Signage & Technology Exhibition (4th- 6th September, 2015) Lahore

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In the name of ALLAH, the most Gracious and the most beneficent.

Asalam-o-Alikum Warahmatullah wabarkatuh

At the outset, we feel proud and glad to address you on the occasion of Digital Printing, Signage & Technology Exhibition, Lahore. We would like to present our many thanks and great gratitude to FAKT on extending its invitation to us to deliver this message.

We would also like to congratulate the administration of the company on organizing such a successful exhibition. There is no doubt that this Technology caters the consistently evolving industry in the field of signage and digital printing. Moreover, there are boundless opportunities in digital printing not only in Pakistan but in the whole world.

We avail this opportunity to affirm respect, regard and the pride which the state of Kuwait is enjoying due to its historical deep relations with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The State of Kuwait has sincere willingness of further strengthening the relations between our two brotherly countries to achieve the highest peaks of prosperity and development.

We are sure that this exhibition by FAKT will contribute at large scale in the development and promotion of this technology in Pakistan and at International level as well. We in the State of Kuwait are fully aware of the importance of keeping ourselves up to date with all kinds of latest technologies. This being so the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Islamabad will not leave any stone unturned in establishing the cooperation among the concerned authorities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the state of Kuwait in the field of technology and other fields of mutual interests.

At the end, we would like to present our thanks and our great gratitude on giving us the opportunity, wishing friendly Islamic Republic of Pakistan further success and progress.

With Best Regards,,,

Wa-salam-o Alikum Wa-Rahmatullah Wa Barakatho.


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